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The results will be announced on January 11th 2018 at 10.00 (Paris time) in the list of persons registered and on your runners file at our web-site, and will be confirmed by email.

Those runners lucky in the draw then have a period of 14 days, January 11th to 24th 2018, to definitively finalise their registration by paying, by credit-card, the balance of the registration price and sending in all the required supporting documents.

Registered = registered
To pay = lucky in the draw, registration to confirm
Refused = not lucky in the draw

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2017 Elite athlete

To define the élite level in our races, we rely on the performance index of the ITRA. It provides an accurate assessment of the performance level of each trailer (runner) by analyzing the results of thousands of races around the world. Click here to find out how it is established.


Surname Name Itra Nationality
CHAVEROT Caroline 806 France
MEEK Jo 721 United Kingdom
KEYES Sarah 713 United States
KINNEGIM Irene 676 Netherlands
MARTIN-CONSANI Debbie 675 United Kingdom
HENRIQUES Nathalie 673 France


Surname Name Itra Nationality
WALMSLEY Jim 946 United States
JONSSON Thorbergur 872 Iceland
GAMITO Jordi 860 Spain
SANDES Ryan 846 South Africa
CLAVERY Erik 833 France
DEVILLAZ Sacha 823 France
FERRARI Ugo 814 France
GARCIA RECONDO Carlos 812 Spain
DI GIACOMO Fabio 802 Italy
SCHJØLBERG Hallvard 794 Norway
PACHECO Rui 789 Portugal
VIARD Tony 782 France
RESTORP Petter 776 Sweden
LINDQVIST Morgan 775 Sweden
HENRI Sebastien 771 France
HAMMES Christopher 770 United States


Surname Name Itra Nationality
WANG Yiou 772 United States
CANES Laia 735 Spain
OCHS Lucile 655 France
PROSSER Clare 652 United Kingdom


Surname Name Itra Nationality
BOUVIER-GAZ Nicolas 840 France
RONIMOISS Andris 823 Latvia
MUNDINA GIL David 790 Spain
AREND Michael 786 Germany
PARIS Thomas 786 France
DURANCE Clément 783 France
SÖRMAN Carl Johan 771 Sweden
ABATE Gabriele 769 Italy
TYNER Alexander 763 United States
MONCANY Jonathan 761 France
SCHIARATURA Davide 759 Italy
CHOVET Aymeric 753 France


Surname Name Itra Nationality
KRAJNIKOVA Hana 663 Czech Republic
TANGUY Audrey 658 France


Surname Name Itra Nationality
CHORIER Julien 843 France
OLIVIER Romain 830 France
CAZAUX Baptiste 825 France
OGAWA Sota 817 Japan
DOBERT Steeve 802 France
CHAVET Cedric 792 France
JONES Christopher 787 Canada
FERRARI Aubin 757 France
OGIER Paul 755 France
SUGIMOTO Satoshi 750 Japan


Surname Name Itra Nationality
AUSTON Stephanie 688 Australia
JIANG Nancy 687 New Zealand
MANIVOZ Stéphanie 671 France


Surname Name Itra Nationality
MARTIN Nicolas 894 France
DEL GRANDE Claudio 865 Italy
MOLLIET Clément 853 France
AIRIAU Gautier 830 France
RODRÍGUEZ Pol 825 Spain
SIMON Diego Ramón 823 Argentina
BORGIALLI Riccardo 823 Italy
ROBINSON Ben 813 United States
PEREYRA Sergio Gustavo 813 Argentina
GARCIA FERNANDEZ Roberto 796 Spain
DUCASSE Guillaume 784 France
ARSLAN Ahmet 773 Turkey
LENNON Eoin 770 Ireland
MADRIGNAC Florian 768 France
MEUNIER Nicolas 765 France
ESCUELA PERDOMO Álvaro 760 Spain
DUBOIS Baptiste 757 Switzerland
DE MORAIS José Virginio 755 Brazil
BOMBENGER Jean-François 755 France
BĘTKOWSKI Piotr 754 Poland
LAIR Alvin 752 France
LEANEY Stuart 752 United Kingdom