UTMB 2017 - Newsletter n°1 - December 2016

The 2016 UTMB® images and sensations are still impregnated in our minds. It still seems so close and yet when one looks carefully the decor has already changed. The leaves have fallen from the trees and snow is beginning to cover the Mont-Blanc paths. The cycle of the seasons is en route. It never stops.
In the same manner, the UTMB® cycle doesn't stop either. So, as from December 15th, when skis and snow-shoes will have replaced running-shoes, we will open registration for the 5 races which we run (...).

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°8 - July 2016

One of the strengths of trail-running is the fact that it is not just running; it goes beyond sport, it is also an invitation to discover a territory.
By registering for one of the races, you have answered our invitation to experience a great epic in a magical environment. In fact, you are not only going to participate in an ultra-running race, but you are also going to discover, or rediscover, the Mont-Blanc Country. A region with its history, inhabitants, customs and gastronomy (...)

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°7 - June 2016

Trail-running is science of displacement. One knows the start and finish points, the itinerary on offer and the way-marks. One chooses one’s method of location (a minimalist pair of shoes or those with a bit more shock resistance). One can estimate the average speed so as to arrive within the time, having allowed for rests and refreshments.
To prepare for the journey, that which takes you from home to the starting line requires the same know-how. So, now, we are offering you all the solutions which will allow you to gain time and tranquility (...)

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°6 - June 2016

This annual conference was created by Dr Marty Hoffman within the framework of the Western State Endurance Race in 2014. Its aim is to bring together experts who specialise in ultra-endurance and to broadcast the results of the most recent research projects and transmit the findings to all players involved in ultra-endurance.

This year, the third International Conference for Medicine and Science in Ultra-Endurance is being organised by the Foundation For Medicine and Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports and will take place August 21st - 23rd during the UTMB® (...).

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°5 - April 2016

The practice of ultra-endurance requires a good understanding of oneself. It is laudable to explore one's physical and mental limits so as to better explore them, but by trying by all means to surpass them means that you then are not respecting the other participants or even yourself. Even putting yourself into danger.
For a number years we have made a commitment in favour of the health of runners by promoting via our medical commission through various medical research projects, concrete advice, awareness-raising, preventative activities and by developing an ambitious health policy (...).

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°4 - April 2016

In the northern hemisphere the days are growing longer, as are the training sessions. Bodies and spirits are beginning to prepare themselves to be on form for being a finisher in one the the 2016 UTMB® races.
However, a meticulous preparation means also knowing how to select with care, then test one's equipment for this type of event. These last few years have seen a multiplication in the number of ultra endurance races throughout the world. If races of 100km and more, in the midst of the mountains, with a considerable height gain are less rare than previously, they must not be trivialised (...).

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°3 - March 2016

Mont-Blanc has just as many stories to tell as there are running shoes in the event. All the runners run the same paths but each have their own motivation, feelings, experiences, path for arriving here, today, and their own manner of experiencing an adventure which is unique, personal but at the same time shared.
Certain are there for the « performance ». Others test themselves for the first time over one of the distances on offer (100 miles, 100 km, 50km …) or share a sporting challenge between friends (...)

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°2 - February 2016

Registration for the UTMB® is now closed. It was once again marked by record numbers in spite of the runners having to have an additional qualifying point for two races the UTMB® and OCC. 15 000 trail-runners from all horizons attempted to have the doors opened for them. The craze for this event and the confidence shown in us is very touching. This reinforces, once again, our desire to offer an event which is more beautiful, qualitative, friend and respectful of our ethical charter, with emotions shared by runners, volunteers, partners, accompanying persons, inhabitants of the Mont-Blanc country and spectators.
All our energies remain focused in this direction (...).

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UTMB 2016 - Newsletter n°1 - December 2015

On behalf of all the UTMB® team, today, we have the pleasure of presenting you with the evolution of our visual identity, which you can see with the new design of our newsletter.

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® will from now on be officially known as the UTMB®. Four letters which have, for a long time, been used by runners the world over, to talk about a race which makes the tour of the Mont-Blanc massif, and of the event which which attracts more than 7500 runners of all levels each year (...).

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