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Press release 2017

171 km & 10 000 m ascent
2 300 runners
Start on Friday at 18:00
from Chamonix
in 46:30hrs maxi

101 km & 6 100 m ascent
1 900 runners
Start on Friday at 9:00
from Courmayeur
in 26:30hrs max

119 km & 7 200 m ascent
1 600 runners
Start on Wednesday at 6:00
from Courmayeur
in 33hrs max

56 km & 3 500 m ascent
1 200 runners
Start on Thursday at 8:15
from Orsières
in 14:30hrs max

290 km & 26 500 m ascent
300 runners
Start on Monday at 9:00
from Chamonix
in 151:30hrs max

Press release 11 : Chamonix, September 3, 2017

Battle of the titans around Mont-Blanc

The 15th edition of the UTMB® kept every one of its promises thanks to the unbridled enthusiasm and perseverance of the 8000 runners in the many races throughout the anniversary week.

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Press release 10 : Chamonix, September 2, 2017

D’Haene – Jornet : 3 wins each…When will the rematch take place?

An incredibly fast race run in just 19hrs 1 min (on a slightly shortened course), François D’Haene crossed the finish line in first place midday for his third UTMB® win, equaling Kilian Jornet, who took second place, in number of wins for the world’s most prestigious ultra.

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Press release 9 : August 28th 2017

The first race begins!

The first race of this year's UTMB®, the Petite Trotte à Léon (PTL®), started in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc this morning at 09:00, kicking off an incredible week that will bring together more than 8000 runners from 92 different countries, all races combined.!

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Press release 8 : August 18th 2017

T-minus 10 days and counting! Latest news & information

The excitement is building, can you feel it? The organizers, 2,000 volunteers, 8,000 runners, and world's trail running elite have started to trickle into the Mont-Blanc Range, spending their days acclimatizing and adjusting to the time change…Some scan the skies, some scout the course, others rest and relax, while the organizers are already in the starting blocks ready to go!!

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Press release 7 : July 20th 2017

A week around Mont-Blanc: trail-running, races, animations, a salon (show)…The event's fifteenth year promises to be captivating!

For sure, the UTMB® is the queen of the races and the original, the highlight, the long awaited! But the other races, (PTL®, OCC®, CCC®, TDS®) as well as those for the young, other animations and other rendezvous will mark the week. A quick close-up on what not to miss!

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Press release 4 : July 4th 2017

The emotion and suspense of the UTMB® is shared on all the continents!

Known today on the 5 continents as one of the biggest world rendezvous, UTMB® always tries to be innovative, this the 15th year offering new ideas for following all runners whichever race they are running. A new app aimed at runners and a remake of the ‘follow live‘ interface will be operational in the month of August for the event and they will be shared with as many people as possible in order to help the runners better manage their races.

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Press release 5 : June 12th 2017

The UTMB®, world summit of trail-running
Key figures

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Press release 4 : March 30th 2017

15 years old and already a great festival in prospect for 8 000 runners, all of them heroes

With an exceptional line-up of elite runners surrounded by 8 000 anonymous runners who are already preparing for the great adventure, this, the 15th event, seems to be going to be like a summit. And, to ensure that it is even more so, all the winners, men and women, of the 14 previous UTMB®s are invited! What a festival it promises to be.

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Press release 3 : March 14th 2017

The UTMB® is recognised for its environmental commitment

On January 12th 2017, at the instigation of the ministry of sports and WWF France, twenty organisers of big international sporting events agreed to respect an ambitious charter which places special sporting event management at the heart of eco-responsible practices. The UTMB®, involved since the beginning of this approach, is one of the twenty signatories.

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Press release 2 : February 7th 2017

End of registration : Figures for the 2017 UTMB®

Registration for all the UTMB® races is now finished. The UTMB® is an event consisting of five races (the UTMB®, CCC®, TDS®, OCC and PTL®) ranging from 56km to 290 km which brings together runners with varying objectives. This has become a ritual over the years, the last week of August, 8 000 runners, enthusiasts of the the mountains and ultraendurance, will find themselves in the Mont-Blanc country for the World Summit of Trail-Running. For a week, the 19 Mont-Blanc communities live to the rhythm of this unifying and warmly welcoming event, always more open and international. While waiting for the construction of the arch on the place du Triangle de l’Amitié and for the fervour which is so characteristic of the UTMB® to become widespread around Mont-Blanc, the end of registration is the occasion to lift the veil on the statistics for the 15th UTMB®, which takes place between August 28th and September 3rd, as a taster for all that the 2017 holds in stall.

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Press release 1 : December 13th 2016

The 15th event, August 28th – September 3rd 2017, registration is beginning, and it launches the start of a new adventure !

The UTMB® is the unmissable rendezvous for trail-runners world-wide. Each year, the elite of the trail-running world find themselves in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, alongside the almost 8 000 enthusiastic runners, to participate in one of the event's 5 races.
Tackling the Mont-Blanc circuit by running around it, is above all a human adventure and an unique experience where each participant will have to draw from their strengths and push their mental and physical capacity to the limit to cross the finishing line. This extraordinary journey in the heart of the massif is a trip to the heart of the valleys and passes in contact with the most beautiful summits, in an alpine decor, unique in the world.

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